Phix Device Vape V2 Basic Kit Vs Smok Nord Pro 25w Pod Kit

Phix Device Vape V2 Basic Kit Vs Smok Nord Pro 25w Pod Kit


Phix device vape V2 basic kit comes with a USB charger and port in the package, while the Smok Nord pro 25w pod kit has 1 Smok Nord pro kit, I Smok Nord pro empty pod, one meshed pre-installed coil, and type C-cable. For this reason, the Smok Nord pro 25w pod kit is a better package for first-time smokers and already established ones.


Smok Nord pro 25w has a 100mAh battery capacity larger than the Phix device, which stands at 320mAh. This battery is rechargeable through the USB port on the device and the ISB cable that comes in the package. Phix device V2 has a feature that protects it from overcharging, a quality that is unique among vapes in the industry and gives a sense of security to the consumer. Phix device V2 also has an indicator that uses led light to show battery power and changes color as the power reduces.


Smok Nord pro 25W uses two air inlets to ensure great airflow into the device during exhalation, offering you a unique vaping experience. However, in Phix device V2, the juice window doubles up as the airflow control window allowing air to flow into the device for a great flavor and vapor experience when using the device.

Vape juice capacity

Smok Nord pro 25W has a larger vape juice capacity than Phix device V2. The larger the vape juice capacity, the greater the experience of vaping and the more nicotine satisfaction you get. Smok Nord has a 3.3ml juice capacity, while Phix device V2 has a 1.5ml juice.

Wattage output

The Smok Nord is superior to the Phix V2, considering its different power wattage output. For this reason, the Smok Nord pro gives very powerful puffs, while the Phix device V2 gives slightly lower puffs. Smok Nord pro has a 25W wattage output against Phix V2’s 3.7V, making Smok Nord pro the better sought-after and more popular pod kit among them.

Compatible pods and coils

The Smok Nord is compatible with all-new SMOK Nord PRO Coils. The Phix device V2 is compatible with the regular PHIX vape pods.

Ease of use

Phix device V2 is easier to use than Smok Nord pro, due to its usability for first-time smokers and those going through the journey of quitting tobacco.

Firing mechanism

Smok Nord pro uses two firing mechanisms: manual by using button pressers and simply inhaling to bring the device to power on. These two mechanisms make this pod kit an amazing choice for most people since it gives the user a sense of comfort and convenience.

On the other hand, the Phix device V2 uses the draw-activated firing mechanism, wiping off the use of button pressers to power the device. This consequently ensures zero leaks and helps you avoid the device’s messy experiences.


Smok Nord pro is very appealing to the eyes, considering the smooth coat of finish that makes it both simple and elegant. The Phix device V2 has a gorgeous design with sharp but well-smoothened edges giving it an exciting look. Smok Nord has a very well-designed mouthpiece that ensures zero spills, while that of Phix device V2 could do with some slight improvement.

Prices and where to purchase these devices

The Smok Nord pro goes for $30.12, while the Phix device V2 retails at $24.45. You can find these devices at the leading vape store in Canada – Hazetown Vapes.

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