Phix Device Vape V2 Basic Kit Review: Better Not Bigger

Phix Device Vape V2 Basic Kit Review: Better Not Bigger

One of the trendiest vape pods on the market today, PHIX Device V2 Basic Kit includes the PHIX Stick, a closed system that is attractive, lightweight, portable, and simple to use. Even transitional smokers might find comfort in its soothing throat hit, which resembles an actual cigarette’s draw.

This Phix version lasts significantly longer than many competing brands on the market, even previous Phix device models, which is a great advantage, especially considering its cost.

Without further ado, let’s find out what the Phix V2 brings to the table.

Features and Specifications

  • Overcharge protection chip 
  • 320 mah Grade A battery
  • Battery light indicator
  • Engraved PHIX logo
  • Solid base design (base won’t get pushed in)
  • Juice window (can also be used as airflow control if closed with fingers)
  • Water resistant components
  • Can be used as a pass-through

Appearance and Functionality

The Phix Device Vape V2 Basic Kit is stylish and appealing, and it features a ceramic finish that gives it a firm grip in your palm. The tiny, user-friendly design of this vape device makes it simple to carry in your hand or pocket.

It is draw activated, so you can rest assured that all the simplicity is still retained even in this upgraded version.

It even features water-resistant technology. On the body of the device is an e-juice window that not only tells you how much e-juice you have left but can double as a means to control airflow with your finger. 

Battery Power

This Phix version lasts much longer simply because it is outfitted with a decent 320mAh grade A battery with 3.7V output wattage. It charges from empty to full in 45 minutes using a magnetic charger that you can connect to a computer. On a full battery, its battery capacity allows for 200–220 pulls per cartridge. On the device’s body, there is an LED indicator light that turns on every time you inhale and shows the battery life of the device.

Here is what the LED indicates:

  • Blue (full charge)
  • Orange (medium charge)
  • Red (low charge

The Phix V2 supports pass-through and utilizes an automatic temperature control that prevents you from getting any dry hits while you vape.

What The Phix V2 Pods Offer

These Phix vape pods have a 1.5ml capacity and a 5 percent nicotine content, which may be a little intimidating for newer vapers or those who don’t typically vape nicotine. After a few vapes, however, you will get used to the smooth nicotine hit, even though you might notice a slight throat scratching, which is not awful and will go away in a short while.

The ceramic coil that is built inside these Phix Pods is the key to their effectiveness. The coils’ 1.4–1.5 ohm resistance yields pure flavor unlike anything else.

When properly fitted, the magnetic connections that hold the pod to the PHIX battery’s body provide a gratifying “click” and keep the pod firmly and securely in place, eliminating any danger of wobbling. You can charge the device and vape simultaneously because the device enables pass-through.

How To Get Your Hands On One

PHIX Device V2 Basic Kit comes in a pack that features a see-through panel, allowing you to marvel at the beauty of the vape device even before you even get your hands on it. On the pack is just about everything you need to get you set up and vaping. 

You can get it from the Toronto vape shop Hazetown Vapes for only $24.45. Here is what you get in the box:

  • 1x Original Tobacco Blend Pod in a blister pack
  • 1x PHIX Battery
  • 1x USB Magnetic Charging Cable 

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