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Superstrain THC-O Raw Distillate Review

Creating an all-new experience for your mind and body to partake in, THC-O Raw Distillate by Superstrain is the evolution in your journey with hemp products. It is one of the latest cannabinoids introduced to the market, although it has been around for quite some time. THC-O has quickly gained a loyal following for its spiritual-like effects and its severe potency that could even put the real stuff to shame.

About THC-O Raw Distillate

Superstrain THC-O Distillate is a distillate oil or concentrates that is simply a concentrated form of the same THC-O you have come to love from the Superstrain THC-O line of products. This raw distillate is of exceptional quality, with a high level of consistency and purity, as well as breathtaking potency. The THC-O Acetate cannabinoid is known in the industry as the “psychedelic cannabinoid,” which should give you an idea of what to expect from this amazing compound. Even though it is new to the market and gaining popularity, THC-O Acetate has been around for quite some time.

The cannabinoid is synthetic and produced in a professional lab setting, ensuring the highest possible quality. It is 300% stronger than regular THC, according to studies.

THC-O Acetate has a very nice consistency and at room temperature flows very easily and is perfect in a vape cartridge.


THC-O Raw Distillate Tolerance

Do not assume that tolerance for Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC will translate to tolerance for THC-O.

Since THC-O is acetylated, it is more stable and stays in the system longer. It takes longer to feel the effects if taken in edible form because it stays intact as it passes through the digestive tract. Due to the way it assimilates metabolically into the system, is part of the reason people report feeling “different” than a typical Delta 9 THC or Delta 8 THC high.

Because THC-O Acetate may be more potent than other forms of THC, if you’re trying THC-O Acetate for the first time, we recommend starting at small doses and then waiting 30-60 minutes to gauge your true tolerance.

These recommendations are based on oral consumption, dabbing and/or inhaling this product may have differing effects with respect to onset time and dosage.


How will I feel when I use THC-O?

If smoked, THC-O Acetate is very bio-available since it goes straight to the cells in the lungs. Since it may be stronger than other THCs on the market, take it slow. People who like to experiment recreationally with psychedelics say it has an introspective and almost spiritual feel to it unlike other D8 or D9 products they have tried. Consumers also report the effects to last much longer than D8 or D9.


  • Product – THC-O Distillate Syringe
  • Extract – Hemp
  • Contents – THC-O Acetate
  • Size – 1ml/1L
  • Amount – N/A
  • Serving Size – N/A



Although currently sold out, Superstrain raw THC-O distillate is available in a variety of sizes in syringes. The THC-O Raw Distillate by Superstrain is in a class by itself, from its incredible potency to the unique effects that will surely impress even the most seasoned users.

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