Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy by CBDFx Review

Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy by CBDFx Review

The health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) are well known. The growth of the hemp industry has contributed to the popularity of cannabinoids. Out of the many brands selling CBD products in the US, CBDFx is arguably the best. For years, CBDFx has consistently produced impressive hemp products for different purposes. One of the alluring facts about this brand is that you can trust that every product they put out has been carefully crafted and contains only organic ingredients. When you buy from CBDFx, you can be sure of getting non-GMO, Vegan-friendly hemp products. CBDFx sources its hemp from US farms experienced in organic farming methods. This company also uses the CO2 extraction method for its hemp. This process is widely considered one of the purest in the industry. And all hemp CBDFx used in the production contains 0.3 percent THC unless otherwise stated.

CBDFx products range from edibles, tinctures, capsules, vapes, and even CBD for pets. However, this post will focus on one of the newest ranges of CBDFx products Mushrooms. This company recently released a collection of CBD and mushroom products that will blow your mind. The benefits of mushrooms and the best mushroom products are becoming increasingly popular.

Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy is a classic. This CBDFx product is designed to help increase focus, energy, and productivity. This drop is what you need on those stressful days where you have brain fog but need to get through work. This CBDFx product is also packed with nutrients that support the immune system.

Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy contains high-quality broad-spectrum CBD. This product also contains Cannabigerol (CBG), a cannabinoid with neuroprotective properties. CBG also helps with anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, stress among other conditions. CBG is widely popular for being an adaptogen.

Besides CBG, this CBDFx product also contains a variety of healthy mushrooms including cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. All these mushrooms have different effects on the body. The combination of all these makes Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops CBG Energy potent.

Cordyceps Sinensis (cordyceps) is known to reduce stress in the body. According to studies, cordyceps help the body increase resistance to stressful situations or activities. This mushroom also has neurological benefits and boosts energy. Cordyceps is also used to increase libido. This mushroom is sought-after by athletes and people in stress-related jobs.

Changa mushrooms also called Inonotus obliquus have been used for centuries as an immune booster. This mushroom is also popular for the positive effects it has on brain function.

Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBG Energy also contains all-natural Sicilian lemon flavoring. This CBDFx product is available in 30ml bottles and contains 2000mg of CBD and 75mg of CBG. The 60ml bottle contains 4000mg of CBD and 150mg CBG. You also get 100mg of mushrooms and 2.5mg of CBG with each serving.

You can buy Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops CBG Energy via the CBDFx online store. The price change depend on the bottle size and CBD strength level. The 30ml 2000mg bottle goes for $109.99 and the 60ml 4000mg can be bought for $179.99.

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