TAAT Beyond Tobacco Cigarette Review

TAAT Beyond Tobacco Cigarette Review

Whether you love it or hate it, Beyond Meat marks a milestone in the world of food. Never in the history of the world has there been a meat substitute that looks, tastes, and feels like meat. And it appears the transformation is not only restricted to the culinary sector because a company has introduced Beyond Tobacco, a hemp-based substitute that tastes, smells, feels, looks, and burns like tobacco cigarettes. 

Nevada-based company TAAT is behind Beyond Tobacco. This is the filler used in their revolutionary hemp-based alternative cigarettes. TAAT is headed by former Philip Morris executive Setti Coscarella. Head over to https://trytaat.com to learn more about TAATs. 

The goal behind the people at TAAT is to create a cigarette alternative that captures the essence of smoking cigarettes. They realized that a lot of alternative cigarettes failed to account for the sensory experience of smoking cigarettes, and this is central to what makes smoking tobacco cigarettes enjoyable. 

The TAAT team spent months researching and experimenting to find a suitable alternative to tobacco. They found that by mixing hemp with a secret combination of food-grade ingredients and processing it using a proprietary patent-pending technique, they could create a substance that has an incredibly realistic tobacco flavor. 

To make the cigarette smoking experience more accurate, the TAAT team decided to package their product exactly like cigarettes. They wrap their alternative cigarettes in the same type of branded FSC paper used for cigarettes. TAAT cigarettes are the same size as tobacco cigarettes and have a filter at their tip like regular cigarettes. What’s more, TAATs come in a flip-top pack like tobacco cigarettes. Each pack contains 20 sticks.

The perks of smoking TAATs extend beyond reliving the experience of smoking cigarettes. Each stick of TAAT contains around 25mg of CBD. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, this cannabinoid has been proven to have numerous potential health benefits. There are many CBD-infused products available today. Smoking or vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to get this cannabinoid into your body because it bypasses the digestive system.

When you smoke a TAAT, you may experience a sense of calm and relaxation. CBD is responsible for this effect. TAAT cigarettes won’t make you high or affect your mental faculties in any way. Each stick of TAAT contains around 0.2% of THC. This is less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC. Such a low level of THC is not enough to produce any psychotropic effect. 

Each pack of TAAT is tested by a third-party laboratory. You can access the lab test result by scanning the QR code on the pack.

You can buy cigs online from the company’s online store, but TAAT wants you to have more options. The company’s goal is to make its product available in convenience stores and anywhere regular cigarettes are sold. Currently, TAAT cigarettes are available in 2000 stores in 20 states across the country.

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