CBD Oil Drop (Tinctures) by Pacific CBD Co. Review

Pets are a major part of our lives. They are more than animals to us and so it’s only considerate that they enjoy the health benefits we do. You probably have experienced the wonders of CBD Tincture. Well, now your pets can experience it too – pets refer to cats and dogs, no offense intended to other pets. With the Pacific CBD Co. Pet Tinctures, your pets can fully enjoy the full benefits of CBD through delicious crafted tinctures that can be quickly absorbed by their body system.

Why Should I Opt for This Product?

The Pacific CBD Co. Pet Tinctures are made using natural and organic ingredients. The aim is to boost your pets’ health right? You can expect the highest quality in everything that was blended to produce 30ml of beneficial tincture for your cat’s and dogs.

The first of such ingredients is the purified industrial hemp oil-based extract that was derived from hemp seeds. It would intrigue you to know that hemp seeds are the most powerful parts of the hemp plant. Besides CBD, they also contain crucial oils with high levels of Omega-3, Omega-6 compounds and essential fatty acids known to regulate anxiety levels. Now you know that, the CBD derived from the hemp seeds are 99-100% pure. No additives, no pesticides, no herbicides or any other harmful residues, it’s safe to use.

Pets go through a couple of health issues, almost relatable to human health issues. At such, the Pacific CBD Co. pet tinctures may help with health issues such as digestion, nausea, anxiety and phobias, joint and mobility disorders, pain and inflammation, epilepsy and seizures. All these are common to both Cats and Dogs. It’s comforting to know that you have a safe natural way to combat these issues at home, especially in emergencies when you cannot get to a vet quickly. Besides the aforementioned, the tincture also enhances your pets’ coat and skin.

One of the reasons your furry buddies will always look forward to their daily dose of tincture is that Pacific CBD Co. created flavors that Dogs and Cats naturally cannot resist. There’s the salmon flavor, beef flavor and chicken flavor to add fun to health.

What you should Know about Administering the Tincture!

The tincture comes into two pure CBD concentrations, 250mg and 125mg. You can get any concentration for your pets, with the approval of your vet doctor. While there’s a lot of benefits to enjoy in the Pacific CBD Co. pet tincture, you don’t want to give your pet the wrong dose.

It is also recommended that you do not use the tincture on pregnant or nurturing animals. Keep the tincture bottle away from the reach of children.

Tinctures are best administered under the tongue. But if your pet is going through an anxiety attack, you could put it in their food instead; to avoid being bitten or scratched.

How Can I get this?

You can purchase these Tinctures at the company’s online store. The 250mg CBD concentration can be purchased for $34.99 and the 125mg CBD concentration for $24.99.

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