Allo Bar Disposable E-Cig by Allo Vapor Review

If you are a transitioning smoker looking for a smooth way to kick the habit for good, you may want to check out disposable devices like the Allo Bar disposable e-cig by Allo Vapor. Read on to know what the Allo Bar brings to the table. 

Design and Build

If you have used or seen any disposable vape devices in the past, you will easily notice the close resemblance thanks to the Allo Bar’s rectangular form factor. Overall the device is small and sleek enough to fit into the pocket of your jeans or coat with ease. You can easily bring it out for on-the-go vaping. Thanks to its straight edges, you feel more confident when you hold it in your hand.

All of the components of the Allo Bar disposable e-cig are housed inside its beautifully designed chassis, so all you get while looking at it is a colorful and streamlined chassis. The body of the device has the “Allo Vapor” logo and the ejuice. The color scheme of the chassis relates to the ejuice flavor of the Allo Bar, this means that every Allo Bar ejuice flavor has a distinct color. 

Inside the streamlined chassis of the Allo Bar is a 300mAh non-rechargeable battery and 1.3ml nonrefillable ejuice tank. Together, both of them can deliver about 300 puffs which should last you anywhere from 1 to 2 days depending on usage. 

Ejuice Flavor

The Allo Bar comes in 17 different ejuice flavors that are sure to excite your taste buds, giving you something for your tongue to savor. Some of Allo Bar’s ejuice flavors include Blue Raspberry, Peach, OMG (Orange, Mango, Guava), Peach Lemon, Classic Tobacco, Mixed Berries, and Mango Ice.

Nicotine Concentration

Each Allo Bar ejuice flavor is available with two heavy nicotine concentrations so you get to choose which best suits your preference. You can choose either 20mg (2%) or 50mg (5%). They are particularly designed for transitioning smokers or heavy vapers who crave strong throat hits. You will get strong throat hits from either one of them. The 50mg version might be a little too much unless you are n all-out heavy vaper. 

Using the Allo Bar

Rather than toggling between complicated settings to get the right vaping feel for you, the Allo Bar comes with all that already set. You do not have to waste an extra second setting up anything after you have taken the device out of its pack. Straight out of the pack you should get the Allo Bar fully charged. You can just place the device in your mouth and inhale, just like you would an actual cigarette.

Like most disposable vape devices, the mouthpiece is not obvious, so how do you know where you will be inhaling from? 

The side of the device comprises of an inscription and a set of arrows pointing towards the side of the device where you will find escape holes that serve as the mouthpiece. The Allo Bar makes use of a draw-activated firing mechanism that activates the battery once you inhale via those escape holes. 

To make sure the Allo Bar is up to par, Allo Vapor went ahead to equip the device with over-inhale and short-circuit protection making it a lot safer, and also making sure that you do not get any burnt hits while vaping.


In the end, the Allo Bar disposable vape device is a promising nicotine salt delivery option, one that you should give a try if you are transitioning and looking for a permanent solution to your nicotine craving that is outside of a cigarette. At you get to save some money on the Allo Bar. You get to buy this device for $8 instead of the original $10 price. 

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