Evolve Plus 2020 Kit and Replacement Coils Review

The new Evolve 2020 Vaporizer kit is of premium quality. This vaping kit is produced with high-quality materials and will impress vaping enthusiasts across the world. The Evolve 2020 device is sleek and made to fit in the hands effortlessly. You can also put this vaping device in your pocket without it weighing your shirt down. Another perk of the 2020 Evolve Plus vape pen is its portability. The vape system is powerful but small and is ideal for discreet vaping, especially in public places. The 2020 version of Evolve Plus is available in different color finishes, including Black, Champagne Gold, Sea Blue, and Silver. 

The new Evolve Plus vaping pen only produces a clean and smooth flavor. This vape device is designed for easy fun vaping. This Yocan vape device has a battery with a capacity of 1400mAh. The new version of this vape system comes with a built-in silicone container at the base that protects the battery. This battery is long-lasting and can last for a while before it gets low. And the Evolve Plus will blink for ten consecutive times as an indication that the voltage is low. And when it blinks three times, it is an indication that the coil has gone band. Finally, when the Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer blinks eight times in a row, it means it has been working overtime. This 1400mAh battery charges quite fast. The battery of Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer is at 25W when fully charged. 

 The new Evolve Plus Vaporizer comes with an adjustable airflow option for users. This airflow option allows for a more individualized vaping experience. And this Yocan vape system comes with a Magnetic Mouthpiece Connection that makes the installation and removal of your cartridge a simple task.

The 2020 Evolve Plus replacement coils are impressive. The Genuine Yocan Quartz Dual replacement coils for the Yocan EVOLVE PLUS 2020 edition are unique. Each box contains five of these coils. Two of these coils are Stainless Steel wrapped Quartz Rods. These coils combine well and produce clean taste and rich flavor. And the flavor density of these Quartz Dual replacement coils are intense. Cloud chasing enthusiasts will have a great time with these coils. Another good thing about these replacement coils is that they work with different Yocan vaping devices. These devices are listed below.

Evolve Plus (Original edition) 

  • Evolve Plus (2020 edition)
  • Evolve Plus XL (NOTE: the mouthpiece will shift because this coil is smaller)
  • Regen line of devices
  • Torch (2020 edition)
  • Zeus

You can buy the Youcan Evolve Plus 2020 replacement coils at the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop for $14.99.

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