Silicone Block-textured Pipe Review

There are tons of options for people to choose from when shopping for vaping products and accessories. Talking about pipes, there are several types of pipes made in different styles, shapes, and sizes, and made from a wide variety of materials. Among many smokers and vapers, the silicone pipes are incredibly popular, and for a number of reasons that you will find out in this article. 

About The Silicone Block-Textured Pipe

This type of pipe is specially designed to be used for dry herb, wax, tobacco, or shisha. The silicone pipe works just like a glass pipe, making it a good replacement for you if you have always preferred glass pipes. 

Silicone has an extremely high melting point which means it can withstand extreme heat without deforming, melting, or emitting harmful gases. Silicone is also a non-stick material, meaning that your wax or oil with not stick to the surface of the pipe no matter how sticky they may be. This makes it easy for you to scoop it out with a dab tool while making sure that you do not waste any material getting stuck to the inside of the pipe.

This Silicone Block-textured pipe is a few inches longer than many of the pipes on the market. It measures approximately 4.5inches long which is still small and sleek enough to blend into your lifestyle, even when on-the-go. It feels chunky thanks to its block texture but is still comfortable to hold in your hand.

Benefits of Silicone Pipes

  • Durability: Unlike glass pipes that are far more likely to break if they are dropped or manhandled, these silicone pipes are durable. Silicone itself is a material that holds up to all kinds of wear and tear without breaking or becoming damaged. This makes them a great option if you use your pipe socially in situations where damage is most likely to occur. 
  • Portability: Not only are you able to get silicone pipes that are small in size, like this silicone block-textured pipe, being made of silicone, but they are also flexible and easier to pack and transport without having to worry about whether or not they will be alright when you bring them out again. 
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Some glass pipes tend to be a tad challenging to clean and maintain, especially when they feature an intricate design that makes it difficult for cleaning products to reach some parts. This silicone pipe is easy to clean and you dont have to bother about it being damaged by abrasive cleaning tools. Silicone pipes also take a while before they get dirty.
  • Affordable: Since these silicone pipes are being mass-produced thanks to their benefits over their glass pipe counterparts, you can now get them at low prices. 


It is available in a number of color variations, including Blue/Gray/Black, Red/Gray/Black, and Green/Red/Yellow. Together with the Silicone Block-textured pipe, you also get a glass bowl, a stainless steel dabber tool, and a capped hidden compartment on the underside of the pipe. 

On vape stores like Atomicdogvapor, you can get any one of the color variations of the Silicone Block-textured pipe for $7.99 making it considerably cheaper than many other versions of hand-held pipes. 


If you are torn between the choice of a glass or silicone pipe, you should know that none of them is a bad choice. You really cannot go wrong with a silicone pipe just as much as you cannot go wrong with a glass pipe. Nonetheless, silicone pipes are great for you if you have a history of broken pipe pieces, or if you are prone to accidents that could damage the pipe. 

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