Vype ePod Device by Vuse Review – Is It Worth All The Hype?

From the moment the Vype ePod device stormed the market, it captures the attention of vape enthusiasts everywhere. This could just be because the device is widely available, and you wl be able to get it online or in any local vape stores, or it could be because the device actually pulls its own weight enough to allow it stand out from the competition. Whatever the reason may be, you will soon find out in this review.

The Vype ePod device is a closed pod mod-type vaporizer integrating a rechargeable battery that vaporizes a carefully formulated salt nicotine ejuice formula to give you the feeling of an actual cigarette-like vape, only with much more flavor. The Vype ePod is similar to the Alto Device, a device Vuse released somewhere in 2018 that is only available in the US. So rather than having just Vype Canada and Vype US, every vaper in any one of the EU countries can get to enjoy the Vype with the Vype ePod device.

A Little About The Manufacturer 

Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette, popularly known as Vuse is a reputable electronic cigarette brand. In 2015, Vuse was the most popular electronic cigarette in the United States. Today, they are a global brand with a global presence. Today you can get any one of their vape products available in a number of EU countries. 

The Vype wPod Device – Design and Build

The Vype ePod is quite similar to the JUUL in terms of its sleekness and form factor however, there are some ingenious additions to the Vype EPod. Vuse went for a more modern design in the Vype ePod. Rather than a plastic chassis that is used in similar pod mod systems, the Vype ePod comes with a metallic chassis that reveals curved lines both at the top and bottom of the device, altogether creating a vape pod mod system that is sturdy and aesthetically appealing.

The device measures 105mm x 19mm x 10mm and weighs 22.5 grams with the ejuice pod attached. It is slightly heftier than most pod systems, but it is still comfortable when you hold it in your hand, and it does not feel uncomfortable in any way. The device itself is built for on-the-go vaping, its size, sleekness and weight fits all of that description.

Vuse incorporated a minimalist design in the Vype ePod. On the body of the device, there are no buttons or switches so you do not have anything to worry about. Even if you are completely new to vaping, you will easily get a hang of this Vype ePod device. On the body of the device, there is a small LED and the “Vuse” inscription. The LED serves as a battery life indicator. It also helps you to know when your device is charging and when the device is full. The Green LED blinks ten times when it is time to charge the device. It stays on while charging and goes off when the devices’ battery is full.

At the top of the device is the compartment for the Vype 1.9ml ejuice pods. Since the Vype pods are closed-system pods, you will not be able to refill with your own ejuice. Even at that, Vuse has got you covered with a delicious array of salt nicotine ejuices. Here are some of their most popular ejuice flavors:

  • Golden Tobacco 
  • Tropical Mango 
  • Vanilla Medley 
  • Chilled Mint, and many more. 

You can find a rich selection of Vuse Vype ePod ejuice flavors on Hazetownvapes.

At the base of the device is a magnetic connector that is used with the proprietary Vype charger to power up the device’s battery. The device does not support pass-through charging so you will not be able to vape while you charge. 

About The Vype ePod Device – Battery 

Inside the metallic chassis of the Vype ePod is a 350mAh battery that is just enough to get you through ¾ of your ejuice. On a full battery, the device can keep you vaping all through the day on moderate use, giving you about 195 puffs. The ejuice pod itself will give you 275puffs. Using the proprietary magnetic charger that comes in the Vype ePod starter kit. You can power up the device anywhere from 70 to 80 minutes.

About The Vype ePod Device – Performance 

The Vype ePod Device nails the ideal Mouth-To-Lung experience as it delivers a smooth and satisfying cigarette-like vaping that will make transitioning vapers feel right at home. Together with the high nicotine concentrations that the ejuice pods are available in, you are guaranteed to enjoy a good kick every time that you take a drag.


If you are looking for something new and powerful to spice up your vaping experience, the Vype ePod is an ideal choice. If you are a transitioning vaper, or you are just looking for a portable device that will still deliver all the pleasures of vaping even when you are on-the-go, the Vype ePod is also an ideal choice. 

The best part is that the device is available at an affordable price on online stores like Hazetownvapes, bringing quality vaping to your doorstep, all just one order away. You can get the device for as low as $8 and ejuice pods at $10 per pod. 

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