Innokin EQs Pod Starter Kit Review

The Innokin EQs pod system is one of the finest ever made. This vaping system has been around since 2018 and continues to be relevant. The Innokin EQs device has many features, a classic design with 90 x 35 x 15mm. You get style and functionality in one pack.

The Innokin EQs device is made to be light and fits right into your hand. This device is excellent or people new to vaping with its sleek design and simplicity. The ergonomic shape of this design, the Innokin EQ pod system, fits perfectly into your lips’ curvature. Experienced vapers can also use this device.

The Innokin EQs pod system has a single fire button with different power modes. You can switch between different wattage levels: 11.5 W (Green), 13.5 W (Blue), & 15.5 W (Purple) modes by pressing and holding the button when the device is off. It takes five clicks of the power button to turn the device. And it equally takes five clicks to turn it off.

The Innokin EQs device has a 800 mAh capacity battery with safety protections. You can charge this battery via a micro-USB. And it takes about two hours for this battery to get fully charged. This battery is long-lasting and can serve you all day.

The Innokin EQs vaping pod uses the new Plex3D Coil, which provides longer pod life and better flavors than the formerly used Plex Coil pod. The Plex Coil technology heats-up and cools down faster than traditional coils, therefore, extending coil life. The Plex material has micro-grooves that gives the coil a larger surface area. This means quicker ramp up time and excellent flavor production.

The Innokin EQs device uses a refillable pod system, and there are many replacement pod flavors available. These Innokin replacement pods hold 2.0ml of e-liquid and have a 0.5ohm Plexus Mesh Coil. The EQ pods are easy to twist and to refill. The caps are designed to keep the mouth-piece clean free of debris. These pods contain high concentrations of nicotine salt.

You can buy the Innokin EQs pod starter kit at for $15.00. This starter kit is usually sold for $39.00. Hazetown Vapes also has Innokin EQs replacement pods for $4.00. The other Innokin products available at this store are I.O. replacement pods, Gala replacement pod, the Innokin Kroma – R Mod, Coolfire Z50 kit, and many others.

This Canadian shop also sells vape products from other vaping brands besides Innokin. Examples of these brands are STLTH, JUUL, ASPIRE, SMOK, Innokin, Voopoo, Vandy Vape, JoyeTech, GeekVape, Lost Vape, Chill E-Liquids, Suorin, Twist E-Liquid, Salt Nix Boost, North Shore Vapor, Dinner Lady, Canada E-Clouds, and many others.

Hazetown Vapes has an online store that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This vape juice brand is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm. And on Sunday’s this shop is open from 10:00 to 5:00 pm EST. This store has experience offering fast and secure shipping to customers across the world.

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