Honeydew Menthol by STLTH Review

STLTH’s Honeydew Menthol combines the smooth, subtly sweet flavor honeydew melon with a refreshing touch of mint on the finish. This e-juice tastes very natural. The first thing that hits you is the honeydew melon flavor with its natural sweetness. It is then followed by the cool taste of menthol that gives you a refreshing blast of coolness.

STLTH Honeydew Menthol is the perfect e-juice if you’re looking for a fruity-minty vape juice that isn’t too strong and provides just the right amount of sweetness. There are a lot of similar e-juice blends on the market, but there is no doubt this STLTH vape liquid stands out. This STLTH e-juice comes in a pod so it is easy to use. This vape juice is sourced and made with high-quality ingredients sourced from North America.

STLTH is a vaping company that was started by a group of entrepreneurs based out of Waterloo, Ontario Canada, and Los Angeles, California. These entrepreneurs were ex-smokers who used vaping products as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The consensus among them was that traditional vaping systems were not very practical. They also saw the need for people to accept vaping as an alternative, the technology would need to be made user-friendly. STLTH’s mission is to offer an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes by providing a smokeless product that is practical and satisfying to adult smokers. With that mission in mind, they created STLTH device, a closed-loop system that was designed to be safe and easy to use.

Like other STLTH pods, Honeydew Menthol pods come with three different nicotine strength levels; 20mg/mL, 35mg/mL or 50mg/mL. We recommend trying the 20mg/mL version first if you are unsure about which nicotine level will work best for you. STLTH e-liquids are made with a proprietary nicotine blend so it is extra smooth on the throat.

Honeydew Menthol by STLTH comes with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 50/50. It vapes smoothly. You will not get loads of thick clouds from this e-juice.

Each STLTH pod contains 2ml of e-juice. Honeydew Menthol pods come in a pack of three. The pods come in a green box with the STLTH logo and name of the product along with other important information including the nicotine content warning, ingredients, and instructions.

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