3 Vape Liquid Recipes That Were Cloned From Commercial Vape Juices

The vape liquid recipes in this post are a result of efforts to remix or improve commercial vape juices that are currently available in the market. Do not get mistaken, remixing or cloning an existing vape juice is not an easy task. Creating a vape juice recipe from scratch is even easier than cloning it. Many mixers consider the process more demanding because the end result is directly compared to the original.

The following are some of the best vape liquid recipes created by remixing their respective original vape juice recipes:

Enyawreklaw’s The New Pistachio RY4-U

Created by Wayne Walker, the man behind DIYorDie mixers collection, this vape juice recipe is an excellent clone of Pistachio RY4 by Charlie Noble.  It is among the highest-rated tobacco vape liquid recipes at All the Flavors (ATF). For best results, you should leave it to steep for a couple of weeks.


Butterscotch Ripple: This smooth and creamy flavoring is used to take off the edge of harsher flavorings in the mix.

The Perfumer’s Apprentice Pistachio: This concentrate is closer to the pistachio from an ice cream compared to the real thing.   

RY4 Double: This is the tobacco element of the vaper recipe. It is used at a lower percentage as a tobacco background than a dominant flavor. The TPA RY4 Double provides vaper mixers with a smooth Caramel tobacco base to build on.

Sugar Cookie: The creator of this e-liquid recipe refers to it as the secret ingredient.

Sweetener: The main ingredients here include ethyl maltol and sucralose. In this mix, only 0.5% is used to provide the additional premium vape juice touch.

Vanilla Swirl: this light crème is used to add a slight creamy vanilla accent and texture.

Micah’s Element Pink Lemonade Clone

The creator of this e-liquid vape juice has provided detailed flavor notes. The creator has also provided an extensive list of every substitution and improvement he did for the vape e-liquid.


Key Lime: Used to create a complex lime profile.

Lemonade by Flavorah: Serves as the base of the vape recipe. Its slight sweetness helps with the profile.

Marshmallow: This diketone-free marshmallow flavor works as a blender. It also serves as a sweetener by adding texture and volume to thin recipes.

Vanilla Swirl: It is used to smoothen the edges of the limes and lemons of the vape e-juice while adding a bit of vanilla to the e-liquid recipe.

Sweet Tangerine: This sweet and candy-like tangerine concentrate is used to add body to the citric flavor.

Lime Tahity (cold pressed): the realistic and unsweetened fresh lime flavor is used to give a magic touch to the lemonade recipe.  

Sweet Strawberry: the recipe contains about 2% of strawberry which is used to achieve the pink part of the lemonade.

Super Sweet: This commercial vape juice serves as a sweetener.

Folkart’s Boss Reserve Clone

This vape juice clone of one of the most popular e-juices around is among the highly rated vape liquid recipes over at All the Flavors. In this e-juice recipe, only 4.5% of flavoring. Many mixers prefer to use it over the original.

Acetyl Pyrazine: Only 1% is used to emulate the nutty area of the Boss Reserve Juice.

Flavorah Milk and honey:  this concentrate by Flavorah is the weapon for many mixers who want to add milk and honey in their vape liquid recipes.

Super Sweet:  It is impossible to remix or clone commercial vape liquid recipes without first sweetening things. In this recipe, only 0.25% of the total flavoring is used to avoid it from taking over the e-juice.

Banana Crème: this concentrate only focuses on the banana concentrate.

Biscuit: This buttery and full-flavored biscuit serves as a base in this profile. Only 0.25% is used to provide a little biscuit touch. 

Now you have everything that is required in the vape liquid recipes to make your own cloned juices. You can get these and other flavors at Flavorah. That is not all! Check out other interesting recipes at the Flavorah online store. Have fun as you try out the DIY vape juices. Do not forget to let us know what you think about our recipe picks. Which cloned vape juice recipe was your favorite? Talk to us using the comment section.

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