Apple Monster Apple – Save 60% !

Apple Monster Apple is their cool tart green apple with a hint of Fresh and Sour burst! Looking for a bigger punch of Apple try their Apple Monster Apple !
People who love apples are said to be outspoken, charismatic and enthusiastic. Coincidence? They think not!
Apple Monster Apple is a frigid blast of  Apple Butter Jam balanced with creamy butter and toast envelopes a parade of palette puckering green apple. .

JAM Monster Apple

Apple Monster Apple Newton is said to have discovered the Law of Gravity when an apple fell on his head! An even more important discovery was the pairing of apple and frost in Zour Apple by Fresh and Sour!

Apple Monster is freshly mixed when you order so you will never get any old product from Apple.

  • Finest GRAS
  • Authentic , food grade artificial
  • Delicious natural flavoring

Apple Monster Apple e-juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings. All of their e-juices come in childproof dropper bottles.

Jam Monster is a perfect breakfast blend you won’t be able to get enough of, even in 100 ml bottles. Jam Monster is jam packed with flavor. No wonder it is a top selling e juice.


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