The Custard Shoppe 3 Pack Bundle Review

I have to agree when a certain website said that in the history of vaping, e-liquid makers have been measured by the quality of their custard. But why of course, who wouldn’t want to get the best decadent taste of custards in the first place? The Custard Shoppe 3 Pack Bundle is solely dedicated to custardly concoctions. Let us find out if custard loving vapers are sated with its blends.

Blackberry Custard Pie

“Blackberry Ejuice by Custard Shoppe from the makers of Jam Monster is a delectable blackberry custard pie that you will not want to put down.”

First and foremost, this vape juice is the bomb. While most blackberry e-juices taste like a medicine, this is certainly not true for The Custard Shoppe. You will get a blackberry custard flavor on both the inhale and exhale. But to keep things more interesting, delicious pie notes are present on the tail end, making this truly the most delicious blackberry custard pie in vape form that you will ever taste.

I love the sweetness of this blend; it is not overly or overwhelming at all. Here’s a friendly tip though, increase the wattage if you want to bring out more of the custard and pie notes. Overall, if you are looking for something with the right amount of blackberry taste paired with a light and fluffy custard, then this will not disappoint.


Raspberry Custard Pie

“Raspberry Ejuice by Custard Shoppe from the makers of Jam Monster is a delectable raspberry custard pie that you will not want to put down.”

This vape juice is more on the sweet side. Enjoy the tart undertone beneath the custard base with a delicious taste of raspberries. On the inhale, your taste buds will enjoy that sweet raspberry taste. I love how natural-tasting the raspberries are. It actually feels like you are eating the real fruits. Then on the exhale, that fresh raspberry taste is mixed with some warm custard flavor. The pie notes reveal themselves at the tail end part of the exhale. It is surprisingly good so make sure you savor each puff.

As for this blend, the raspberry is really dominant, but I wish there are more custard and pie notes added. Meanwhile, just like Blackberry Custard Pie, this Raspberry Custard Pie eliquid is best vaped at higher wattages.


Butterscotch Custard Pie

“Butterscotch Ejuice by Custard Shoppe from the makers of Jam Monster is a delectable butterscotch custard pie that you will not want to put down.”

This solid vape juice is something I am very excited to review about because of my love for butterscotch. For this eliquid, you will definitely love the freshly baked custard pie vape made lovelier with major notes of butterscotch flavor. On the inhale, you will absolutely get that butterscotch flavor that is slightly sweet. Then on the exhale, that flavor is still there but is mixed with custard this time. However, just when you thought everything ends there, wait until tasty pie notes at the very end of the exhale surprise you.

Again, this vape liquid is more on the sweet side. But The Custard Shoppe seems to be a master in blending. The sweetness is not overbearing at all; it is just enough to satiate that sweet tooth. Another interesting thing about this ejuice is that its butterscotch flavor is not on the candy side.

All three vape juices are a blend of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol, making it great for both drippers and tanks. All bottles have a pretty impressive and great vapor production. The throat hit is pleasantly mild as well. The clouds are nice and fluffy also and tend to linger in the air for a while. They are offered in three nicotine options. They are available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine.

Overall, The Custard Shoppe has impressively produced premium custard vape juices with spot-on and delicious flavors. It is also nice to see new and unique types of custard vapes in the market. Currently, these three flavors are offered in a bundle at Ultimate Vape Deals. For the cheap price of $39.99 only, you can get three 100-mL bottles of decadent Blackberry Custard Pie, creamy Butterscotch Custard Pie, and crisp Raspberry Custard Pie.

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