Mango Grape Eliquid by Bangsawan Review

Vapers who like fruity vape juices can enjoy a brand new mixed-fruit flavor of mangoes combined with grapes. Bangsawan is one of the best Malaysian vape juice companies that specializes in producing mixed-fruit eliquids. The company recently launched a range of mixed-fruit ejuices that include Mango Grape, Strawberry Apple, Honeydew Pineapple, and Strawberry Blackcurrant.

All these are unique. Mango Grape offers a unique taste, appreciated by vapers. The mixture of two different fruits gives vapers a brand new flavor to discover. If you like the taste of mangoes and grapes, you will love Mango Grapes

A Fantastic Flavor

You will love the fantastic flavor of ripe mangoes layered with the juicy sweetness of grapes. Mango Grape feels sweet and creamy like mango mixed with the sweet and tangy flavor of grapes. The taste is like nature intended. There is no chemical aftertaste. A nice cool sensation invades your throat and mouth as you inhale and exhale.

Vapers who like fruity e-liquid flavors will find that Mango Grape gives them a great new flavor. They will delight in the nice cool sensation and the rich and juicy flavor that lingers a bit in the mouth after you’ve exhaled.

VG/PG Level

Mango Grape vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio depend on preference. There is the option for VG/PG of 50/50 or 70/30. Both ratios are medium thickness e-liquid levels, hence present no issues for vaping or dripping. Vapers seeking abundant cloud production tend to choose a higher VG level. Mango Grape makes thick clouds that take a while before dissipating into the air. Mango Grape does not gunk wicks or coils.

Most vapers like a balanced ratio because they can use any type of e-cig. Whether you are using a vape pen, a mod or sub-ohm vaping, the balanced 50%VG/50%PG is perfect. Both ratio levels also carry enough flavor to the taste buds for a fantastic vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength

Mango Grape gives a mild throat hit. Vapers have a choice between 0 mg and 3 mg. Vapers seeking a mild throat hit often choose 3 mg. The sensation is smooth as you inhale and exhale. There is a nice cool and soft feeling. If you prefer to delight in the flavor and cloud production without necessarily worrying about a throat hit, 0 mg is perfect.


Bangsawan comes in a pink bottle that has a childproof safety cap. All the information relating to the liquid is written on the bottle along with the company’s trademark. Vapers have a choice between 55 ml and 65 ml bottle capacity.


Mango Grape is very affordable to all budgets. You can enjoy vaping for only $10.99 USD. That’s for a 65 ml bottle which means, you obtain great value for your money. Bangsawan believes that everyone should be able to enjoy premium-quality vape juice. All its products have very competitive prices.

Wholesale prices apply if you purchase more than 100 bottles. As a loyal customer, you can collect points and redeem them for your next purchase. This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain premium-quality products at fantastic prices.


The word Bangsawan in the Malay language means ’nobility’. The company chose the particular name to reflect their belief with respect to quality vape juice. Their beliefs is that all e-liquids are sublime. They should be brewed using lots of care. The company employs the latest technologies and brewing method and uses only natural ingredients.

Bangsawan is currently one of the best mixed-fruit manufacturers known in Malaysia and worldwide. Vapers appreciate its products because they provide great value for money. All their products are premium-quality and are offered at fantastic prices.

Bangsawan Mango Grape is one of the best mixed-fruit eliquid currently on the market. You will appreciate the wonderful flavor. As you vape, there is a cool, refreshing feeling that invades your senses. You can easily vape all day and still desire more. Mangoes and grapes are among fruits widely eaten worldwide. They are also among the favorite fruits in the ejuice fruit-flavors in the vape communities. Bangsawan combined them to provide the flavors of both to come up with a real delight. This eliquid gives mango most original flavor.

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