The Custard Factory Butterscotch Custard E Juice Review

When I was growing up, butterscotch was one of my favorite go-to desserts. In fact, I promised myself that when I become an adult, I will learn to bake a pan of this and eat it all by myself. Although I still find this very appealing, I am also trying my best to stay slim and trim. I have to admit I cannot handle such indulgence anymore, so to satisfy my craving, I head on to the Internet and search for a good alternative. Then I bumped across these Butterscotch Custard e-liquids from The Custard Factory. I was very excited when purchasing it because I felt like I hit the jackpot. Two of my favorite dessert flavors wrapped in one bottle, I am already sold. So here’s my review on this premium e-liquid.

I got a brown tinted bottle with a black dropper, child-resistant cap on the mail. Usually, manufacturers print the images of the flavor of the bottle, but for this, it printed its huge cow’s head logo instead. The label is silver-looking in color and contains a summarized detail of the e-juice. Information like the nicotine concentration level, the manufacturing date, and the expiration date can be found.

I have to give plus points on the cap. The dropper cap allows you to transfer the juice from the container to the atomizer without making some mess, while the child-resistant feature keeps it safe from curious little kids. And because I said I was so excited, I immediately gave this baby a try using my Smok AL85 mod kit.

First off, I have to say butterscotch goes well with custard. This juice is spot on and has a thick, rich, and creamy flavor. It actually stayed true to its flavor profile, which says “Distinct flavors of spicy brown sugar layered with smooth, melted butter and tidbits of creamy vanilla. It’s a candy coated dream!”

I don’t have the right words for this e-juice for now, but just imagine this as a decadent and rich butterscotch custard pie you bought from the finest bakery in town as a vapor. I can’t deny it but The Custard Factory really knows what it’s doing and it sure did discovered that secret recipe to recreate the perfect butterscotch custard flavor in an e-juice. I also have to commend the well-balanced complexity and the exquisite kind of blend this e-juice has become.

Talking about its vapor and cloud production, this premium e-liquid delivers an excellent performance and quality. It has a ratio of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. For such a ratio, it already leaves a pleasant room-note. Cloud chasers will also enjoy and love the humongous clouds it produces — dense and they do not disperse easily. As for the throat hit, this e-liquid runs smooth and pleasant. What’s more, you can save yourself from any nose burning sensation. None of those at all.

The Custard Factory made three nicotine level variations for this blend to cater to each of our needs. If you want to get the strongest hit this blend can possibly give, I suggest you pick the 6 mg of nicotine. I know this can be too low for some, but most vapers even myself find this already more than enough for our needs. The 3 mg of nicotine best suits average users or those who are just giving vaping a try. Then the 0 mg version is for those looking for a guaranteed nicotine-free blend. It can also be suitable for those who just want to taste the e-juice.

Other than this delicious Butterscotch Custard blend, The Custard Factory offers three other blends to cater every custard lovers’ need. I personally love the Peanut Butter Custard e juice with its sensationally sweet custard mixed with rich and nutty peanut butter flavor. Other flavors in the lineup includes Vanilla Custard and Cinnamon Custard (just in case you want to explore more).

Get an awesome deal if when you buy online. Grab a 30-mL bottle of the Butterscotch Custard e-juice from The Custard Factory for as low as $15.99 only. Save yourself some bucks as other online shops tag this to up to $20. If you want to indulge in a luxurious butterscotch flavor without hurting your pocket, get this blend for yourself now.

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