Air Factory Kiwi Strawberry E-Juice Review


Nicotine level 0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle size 100ml

VG/PG 70/30

Price $ 29.99

Packaging  4 stars

The Air Factory Kiwi Strawberry E-juice promises a similar taste to the all-time candy favorite, AirHeads.  When you buy the product, you could easily spot the container with its signature logo, on the counter.  The packaging is eye-catching and looks amazing.  It makes you want to pick the product up and examine it.  It comes in an illustrated box, with the signature alien face in the front, and bright red drip and fruits scattered all around the illustration.  The e-juice is contained in a 100ml durable clear Gorilla bottle, with a leak-proof cover.

Flavor  5 stars

The E-juice boasts a sweet strawberry taffy flavor with a slight hint of kiwi to give the user the ultimate candy experience.  Upon vaping, the attempt to recreate the Airheads flavor was spot-on.  The strawberry flavor was full-bodied and strong, and could easily be tasted upon inhale. A slight hint of the tart flavor of the kiwi noted on the exhale.  The blend of sweet and tartness of juice mix balanced out the sweet tones, giving the user just what they are looking for.  The flavor is mellow but lingers in the palate and the lips, giving the user a sugar lip sensation making it a great choice for those who likes fruity e-liquids. The product was used right away, and despite not having any steep time, it delivers a full flavor, making it a nice hit from the very first inhale.

Throat hit  5 stars

Sporting a 70VG/30PG ratio, the Kiwi Strawberry e-liquid was super smooth.  At 3mg nicotine there is no bitterness.  The nicotine was not scratchy, and there was no bad aftertaste.  It does not dry up the throat or leave the user coughing.  It was the perfect blend of PG and VG and made for a very satisfying experience.

Cloud Production  5 stars

The exhale was a very pleasing experience. I vaped this with a 0.25 build at 110 watts; satisfactory dense clouds were produced for a 70/30 mix.  The cloud lingers thickly but is not suffocating.  It leaves a light and fruity smell after it clears up.  It may not be competition cloud material, but it is enough for beginners to produce those steam-engine type clouds. It’s ideal for those who are just starting to learn vape tricks.  The product is a good practice juice for those who want to learn to do tricks.  It has the right amount of density, not to thick, but also not to flimsy that the vaper is unable to produce a variety of cloud figures.

Overall  4.75

The product delivered a very gratifying performance.  From the attractive packaging to the flavor profile it conveyed, Air Factory once again gave its clients a product which deserves an almost perfect score.  This is by far the best fruity e-juice that I have tried out.  I am a fan of the Airheads candy from when I was a kid. This e-liquid brought me back to the times when I would take a bite off that tangy taffy.  Coming in a 100ml bottle, the fruity flavored vape juice is worth the price  It is definitely a winner, and I would definitely buy this again, and I will also recommend this to my friends.


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