DaVinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer Review

The Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer is not just a convenient vaporizer that you can use at home. It’s a great portable vaporizer that you can bring with you anytime and anywhere.

About two weeks ago, I was browsing the web for some affordable portable vaporizers, and I came across the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer. I decided to buy it. Today, I am writing this DaVinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer review because I’m so elated with my purchase. So, let’s get going.



Da Vinci IQ Advanced Looks

The design of the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer isn’t eye-catching compared to the other portable vaporizers in the market today. What made me decide to buy it was reading all its positive reviews. Somehow, I had the feeling that it would perform to my expectations.

Going back to the looks, it looks more like a little Walkman than a vaporizer. Have you seen the Iolite Wispr? It resembles the shape, but the Da Vinci IQ Advanced is a bit smaller. It more round and is quite slim, just around an inch thick. You can hold it like you would a smartphone.

The small and compact shape makes it easy to put the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer in your pocket. What about the mouthpiece you ask? The mouthpiece is removable. You can screw it on and off the device. Also, the mouthpiece is flexible, which I find extremely helpful.

One thing that I want to put out there when it comes to the design, is the digital temperature display. This is located in the front of the DaVinci Vaporizer.

The temperature display is entirely accurate, and you can even use it to see the temperature when adjusting it. The digital temperature display utilizes the iInnovative 51 LED dots based show. The light turns red when the vaporizer heats up. Once it is ready for puffing, the light turns green.    


Just as most portable vaporizers out there, the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer uses a button for heating. I just push this button when I want to start vaping, but before I do, I adjust the temperature.

Just a note … The power and heat button are two different things. Always switch the vaporizer on first. Then you can start heating up.

The face of the vaporizer features a vent to prevent overheating of the device. This vent helps disperse the extra heat when you use the vaporizer.

The chamber is accessed by opening the cap, but what’s really special about the Da Vinci IQ Advanced  Vaporizer is that I can store the cleaning brush within the housing also. I find the chamber plenty big enough for this portable and compact vaporizer. Before buying this, I read that it can hold up to three times the amount of whatever compared to similar vaporizers on the market. I must admit I had my doubts. Now, I believe it.

Another thing I find unique about the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer is the oil can. You can access that at the bottom of the vaporizer by simply unscrewing the cap. The package comes with two oil cans, and I just had to insert the oil can into the compartment.


What’s New in Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer

Innovative 51 LED dots based display gives the extraordinary look.

Having the temperature adjusted and monitor through the display is very beneficial for me. Q’s Smart Path Technology allows selecting four different temperature settings.

Enjoy up to 1.5 hours usage time and change batteries on the fly for extended vaping sessions.

Energy saving and On-demand hit abilities makes this vaporizer standalone from the crowd.

What I like about the DaVinci Vaporizer

Why am I euphoric with my purchase? Here are the things I like about the DaVinci Vaporizer.

  • The Big Chamber   I honestly think that the herb chamber packs up a good amount of load for a portable vaporizer. In my opinion, the bigger the chamber, the more plus points to its portability.
  • Comfortable Heating   As soon as I packed the chamber, I set the temperature and then pressed the heat button. The Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer heated up in less than a minute.
  • Awesome Vapor   I’m impressed with the thick vapor it produced. The vapor was flavorful, and it was a beautiful feeling.
  • Cleaning Brush   I like, how small this cleaning brush. I can store it together with the herbs in the chamber. The cleaning brush is so designed that it easily cleans my tray and chamber.I probably would have lost this brush by now if it weren’t for the compartment.
  • Precision Control   Crafting new vaping experience is a snap with this perfect precision temperature control system – Range 250-430° F
  • Auto Shut-Off   The Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer shuts off automatically when not in use, thus, saving battery life.
  •  Bluetooth App Integration   The IQ is Bluetooth app-enabled Vaping device that allows having full control over vaping sessions.
  • Use While Charging   The Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer can be used while charging even if it’s completely drained. An excellent feature indeed.
  • Oil Can   This feature makes the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer a highly versatile one. The portable vaporizers I have tried could only pack up herbs. But with this, I can also smoke oil flavors. The vapor from the oil can is thick and flavorful too.
  • Taste the Difference   With the new IQ mouthpiece, they have elevated the level of flavor purity.

Parting thoughts about the DaVinci Vaporizer

While the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer doesn’t look as trendy as the Iolite Wspr or as contemporary as other portable vaporizers today, it’s performance and features surely makes up for it. I highly recommend this product for vape smokers out there. Don’t think that the oil can is just an added feature to market the product. It’s thought out and implemented quite well.

In short, it is a massive upgrade from the already popular DaVinci Ascent which was released just one year ago. It is one of the go-to devices for vaporizing dry herbs for personal, therapeutic use. I did this DaVinci Vaporizer review because I am impressed and very satisfied with my purchase. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for choosing the Da Vinci IQ Advanced Vaporizer. It is simple, effective, convenient and handy. It produces flavorful and thick vapor, which is what matters.

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