Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

I want to start this Arizer Solo vaporizer review by saying that his vape has a futuristic look and feel, and seamlessly handles turning dry herbs into high-quality, flavorful vapor. What more could a person ask for, eh?

How about this? Seven temperature settings allow you to pick the best heat level for your product. It requires simple cleaning and maintenance, which is a huge benefit right there. This makes it one of the best designed, efficient, and easy-to-use vapes on the market.

Whats in the box?

  • Arizer Solo Vaporizer
  • Battery Charger
  • Potpourri Dish
  • 2 Diffusing Tubes (Draw Whips)
  • Aromatherapy Sample
  • 2-year warranty
  • MSRP: $299 USD
  • 1.7 x 1.7 4.5
  • Less than 2 lbs.

The Arizer Solo is 100% backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty. The ceramic heater comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Arizer Solo herbal vaporizer

The Solo is made using only the highest quality components and materials.

Multiple lights, buttons and a choice of black or silver aluminum finish gives this modern vaporizer an extra-terrestrial vibe.

The Solo is about the size of a large smartphone or small soda can, allowing for decent portability, and weighs less than two pounds.

The Solo is cordless and has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The lights are LED temperature indicators to let you know roughly what temperature at which you’re is vaping.

The Solo also features a stainless steel heating element with a high-quality glass mouthpiece, unlike many other vaporizers that have plastic or vinyl tubing. The Solo’s borosilicate glass gives the ultimate vaporizing experience. The stainless steel heating element adds a layer of durability. It comes with two mouthpieces, one curved and one straight.

The Solo’s extra-wide herbal chamber allows more hot air to pass over tobacco or dry herbs, making vaping more able-bodied and flavorful. A dependable aluminum outer shell hugs the Solo Vaporizer, protecting the unit from scratching and typical wear and tear. Its high-grade dual-wall stainless steel design keeps it cool to the touch even if set at a higher heat setting.

Overall, the Solo is sturdy and built to be rock stable for long term use and extended vaping. Get use to the Solo, because it will be with you for a long time.

What can the Solo do for me?

Its excellent design and sequence of operation makes the Solo not only expensive-looking but also easy to use.

It offers quite a lot of complex electronic and sensor functions, making it a very portable efficient and effective tool.

The Solo works in four easy steps.

(The user’s process is also laid out in the instruction manual)

1. Turn on the Solo by pressing the up and down arrow buttons

2. Select your temperature setting

3. Take your Vapor Wand and pack your blended product into filling chamber

4. Flip the unit upside down and connect whip to the heating element and flip back to right-side up

The Lithium Ion battery on the Arizer Solo charges in just 3-4 hours and can give the user up to four hours of continuous use, depending on the heat setting. To save battery power, increase battery life, and keep contents fresh, the Solo automatically shuts off after twelve minutes. The Solo vaporizer heats up rapidly (within about two minutes for all temperatures) and is ready to use at any time, anywhere.

The unit vapes at seven temperatures, and the current temperature is denoted on its exterior by the aforementioned LED light display. The Solo temperature guide is as follows ( approximate times to achieve temperature)

 122°F ( 50°C) 15 seconds
365°F (185°C) 1 minute
374°F (190°C) 1 minute 10 seconds
383°F (195°C) 1 minute 30 seconds
392°F (200°C) 1 minute 50 seconds
401°F (205°C) 2 minutes 10 seconds
410°F (210°C) 2 minutes 30 seconds

Once you unpack your Arizer Solo Vaporizer you will need to charge it with the included wall charger. For future reference, you won’t be able to use the vaporizer while it is charging. Because of the battery indicator on the Arizer lets, you know how much battery power you have left every time you start a vaporizing session this shouldn’t be an issue.

To check battery charge, you will power up your Arizer vaporizer, press both the up and down arrows at the same time for about a second until the unit beeps. It will then show you exactly how much charge is left, and you’re ready to vape! After the Solo displays the battery charge, it will warm up to 122°F (50°C) and sit idle until you are ready to use and modify to your ideal temperature settings.

Pros and cons of the Arizer Solo vaporizer

Some of the most highly-appraised qualities of the Solo are its high vapor quality, consistency, and flavor. Because it is so well made, with a large chamber, the vapor is nicely dense and very visible, even at the lowest heat setting. The vapor is also very smooth and not harsh. On low heat settings, the flavor is crisp and natural tasting.

Maintenance is also a breeze for the Solo unit and doesn’t require constant or picky cleaning like some of the other portable vaporizers. It’s a cinch to clean the Solo. Because the tubes/mouthpieces are made of glass, they can be soaked in pure rubbing alcohol, rinsed, and allowed to dry. The heating chamber is easily cleaned by using a wire cleaning brush with tough plastic bristles.

One thing to keep in mind before you purchase is it may not be as discreet as some of the other vaporizers available. It’s a little larger, and with its outer tubes, gives away its use. The Solo is probably best used indoors, or just not in public.

Its size, though, makes it excellent for traveling and taking along to acceptable events or friends houses. I recommend this cordless unit for indoor, home use. While mobility isn’t an issue, the Solo’s portable usability is where one might need to be slightly cautious. However, the fantastic quality of the unit, and subsequently the vapor definitely make it worth giving the Solo a go-go.

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