Review: Artemis Berry Cobbler by Cyclops Vapor

About Artemis

Attributes: the she-bear, bow, and quiver

Artemis was usually accompanied by a dog, and she was always dressed for the hunt, wearing a short tunic and laced sandals. She was also considered a chaste goddess. Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon, the hunt, and of childbirth. Her parents were Zeus and Leto, and she had a twin brother, Apollo. Artemis was usually accompanied by a dog, and she was always dressed for the hunt, wearing a short tunic and laced sandals. She was also considered a chaste goddess.

Artemis & Berry Cobbler E-liquid

Artemis is the result of the illicit love affair between Zeus and Leto, a moon goddess. This E-liquid blend perfectly encapsulates the expansive sphere of Artemis, and the intermingling of the moon, and sun goddess Apollo who is her twin.

Ingredients and Packaging

Berry, batter, biscuit, or pie crust; fruit or savory filling


The master blenders at Cyclops Vapor have created one of the most interesting e-liquids I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. The flavors are so seamlessly entwined that it’s hard to identify exactly what they are.

Flavor & Taste

The overall components of this e-juices are sweet fruits with a slight tartness and a creaminess that is downright extraordinary. The creamy flavor and mouth-feel of the vape is the most dominant aspect of the juice, and it’s remarkable how closely it resembles eating a big spoonful of freshly whipped cream.

There is a hint of coconut backing up that delicious creaminess adding yet another dimension of flavor while creating a rich, decadent vapor that will almost make you forget you’re not eating anything. The fruity flavors are a bit hard to pin down. There seem to be elements of peach, some berry, and maybe even a touch of cobblers, but with flavors interwoven as tightly as these, it’s tough to pick up on any one distinctive characteristic.

I find that this blending of flavors yields a very basic, generic fruit flavor. However, in this case, the flavors all come together to create a perfect backdrop for the cream and coconut. The contributing notes of acidity and sweetness create a sophisticated, well-balanced dessert vape that is incomparable to anything I’ve reviewed up to this point.

Throat Hit

The inhale is a mixture of perfectly blended berries, and the exhale leaves a just out of the oven pie crust taste that will have your taste buds begging for more.

It’s not overly strong on flavor to where it will kill your taste buds, but just enough to keep you coming back for more. Very light berry flavor with a whole bunch of fantastic. I have never had such a strong positive reaction to a flavor in my life, and I am an old long time vaporer who has tried loads of juices. Only the rare and exquisite have this effect on me, so I have ordered some for a tank, the ultimate test. Combine all that with a great throat hit and plumes of sweet, sweet vapor, and it all adds up to a perfect score.


It’s somewhat complicated, and different temperatures bring out different flavors. I drip in a mech with a Magma (flavor snob), and this is awesome. On the cooler side you get more fruit, and the warmer end you get more bakery. With each vape, my taste rose up and up, as the sample went down and down. The flavor adjusts as the coils get hotter, but either way, it tastes great. Close second after Colossus and currently my top vape juice.

Overall Assessment:

Artemis clearly demonstrates genius in epicurean flavor blending. As you vape, you find yourself liking, then loving, and then finally, infatuation. Words fail to describe the experience, and I was amazed by this flavor profile. Artemis is high-end premium juice for the advanced vapor.
A must have in your ejuice selection! Thank you, Cyclops Vapor

  • The berry taste is perfectly sweet and tart, and at the same time, the pie crust is perfection
  • Smooth and light
  • Epicurean flavor blending
  • Best brand




  • 65%VG/35%PG
  • Weight:0.30 LBS
  • Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz

Price: $13.99


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