Top 3 Summer E-Liquids from Ejuice Connect

With summer, comes invitations to picnics, cookouts, and various parties. That begs the question to all vapers; which e-liquid will give us that cool breezey feeling for summertime celebrations? When the nights get longer and the weather warmer, thoughts of refreshing e-liquids come to mind. Here are a few of the fantastic new e-liquids from E-juice Connect.
Summer E-Liquid #1

Cherry Slush by Draco Vapors – 30 ml


List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $9.99
Savings: $12.01

This mix has a robust smell, but not overly strong. With a powerful inhale, I braced for impact. On the first draw, I got a strong cherry flavor, but not one that is over the top. The flavor carries very well with the PG/VG mix and finishes as strong as it started. Vapor production is fantastic with plumes and plumes as you keep tasting the sweetness of the cherry flavor. The throat hit is also good. I’m not a fan of an overly powerful TH, but just the same, I do like it to be there. The 70/30 PG/VG mix is perfect. I give this flavor a 10 out of 10. It is an excellent vape for people who like sweet candy flavors. No cough medicine like aftertaste.  Just a cool, candy cherry flavor.

My conclusion is that the juice performs admirably! It’s a pleasing cherry flavor that is reminiscent of a cherry slushy.


Summer E-Liquid #2

Dreamsicle Creamy Orange E-Liquid – 30 ml

List Price: $20.00
Our Price: 9.99
Savings: $10.01

A sweet rush of orange sherbet with a hint of vanilla.

This nostalgic Creamsicle flavor will have you vaping deliciousness for hours. This flavor has a bit more of a subtle vanilla flavor and it smells exactly like orange-vanilla cream soda. The color is slightly orange, but yet still pretty clear. It’s not incredibly strong on the inhale, but you for sure will get that sweet orange and rich vanilla taste on the exhale. In some ways, it reminds me of the orange push-up pops that I loved as a kid.

The throat hit is reasonably soft, but still present, and the vapor production is incredible! I give this flavor 9 out of 10 only because I like ALOT of flavor and this juice is just a little bit subtle. This is a 10 out of 10 juice for people who like subtle.


Summer E-Liquid #3

Smooth Menthol Tobacco by Amsterdam E-liquid


List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $7.99
Savings: $12.00

A bold menthol flavored vapor developed to help smokers make the switch into vaping. It is for sure one of the best e-liquids that I have ever tried. It has a smooth tobacco flavor that resembles popular analog cigarettes. This E-Liquid is extremely satisfying and is great for people transitioning to e-cigs. Both the taste and throat hit closely resembles the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. This is one of the most popular e-liquids for anyone who enjoys a really good menthol tobacco flavor.

If you are looking for some amazing summer vape juice flavors, give these 3 a try. I think you will be very happy not only with these 3 flavors but also with Ejuice Connect’s prices. They offer all the name brand juices for a fraction of the cost.

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