Lately, there are two new very important Buzz Words around the Vaporizer community; Combustion and True Vaporization. This is where things get technical and it’s important to understand both the differences between combustion and vaporization but also why vaporizing your dry products is healthier and more effective.

Now hopefully everybody remembers Chemistry class when we begin understanding Gasses, Solids and Liquids and the chemical processes involved in switching the 3 between each other. For example, we know that when you heat water to 100 degrees the water will boil and this change makes the H2O react differently to the environment around itself like; air bubbles in the water and steam or vapor.

The water changes to vapor because the solid has not changed it’s chemical components (Hydrogen and Oxygen), it has just manipulated the temperature and atmospheric pressure to change its form. This may seem complex but you really need to only know the basics to understand clearly the benefits of Vaporizing.

Let’s look at Combustion to clearly compare. Combustion breaks chemical bonds and changes the chemical equation completely due to burning the material at too high of a temperature. Plants, as living and growing things, contain large amounts of complex Carbon atoms which when broken create something called “Free Radicals,” essentially fragments of molecules that although tiny can react to other molecules and each other in bizarre ways. It would be like a show at Sea World performed by Orcas accompanied in a pool with wild, untrained baby dolphins.

The Orcas although a part of a directed act would have no way of avoiding the baby dolphins they would still be at their will as well as the will of the water. Same with the dolphins although they aren’t involved or even aware of the process happening they are also affected by all of these variables and of course the routine would have almost no chance of complete success because of all of the unpredictable and potentially disastrous possibilities.

One of these disastrous possibilities in the combustion of plant materials is called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) which has been rumored to cause cancer. In fact, some studies argue that vaporizing Medical Cannabis specifically, actually protects healthy lung cells from the effects of carcinogens like PAH!

Vaporizing your dry herbs ensures you get only the benefits without all of the bad stuff! Besides the absence of free radicals you also get a smoother hit with less irritation to the throat and lungs. If you still aren’t convinced the most important reason you should check for true vaporizer technology is that it maximizes the active ingredient’s effect to the furthest point currently possible in the industry.

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