Useful tips and tricks for new e cigarette users

The electronic cigarette is probably the best thing that ever happened to you for quit smokingĀ because now you are able to whip it out and smoke whenever the craving comes and wherever you maybe without worrying about offending anyone, thanks to its smokeless and odorless traits.

However, just like with any new gadget introduced in the market, the electronic cigarette requires some getting used to and learning a few tips and tricks that will go a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable and enjoying your electronic smoking experience to the fullest.

After choosing the e cigarette model that you are most comfortable with, it is then time to get a feel of what it has to offer. Outlined below are some tips and tricks worth noting to help you get the best of the e-cigarette.

1. Always have extra batteries and atomizers
You don’t want to find yourself with low batteries and a poorly functioning atomizer when you really need a puff. It can be a frustrating experience, so it is advisable to always carry extras wherever you go because you never know when you will need them. Most gadgets have a tendency of malfunction when you need them most. So it is better to be forearmed with these two things.

2. Refill your cartridges with e-liquid
E-liquid is the perfect substitute for refilling empty cartridges. Instead of purchasing refill cartridges simply put a few drops of e-liquid into the empty cartridge and one drop on the on the atomizer and you are good to go.

3. Use a USB charger or car charger
Getting the above tools will allow you to smoke while working on your computer or driving and therefore not use the battery power. This is one way of preserving your batteries something that will save you some battery replacement money for some time.

4. Lower nicotine dose for first-timers
The e-cigarette cartridges are available in various nicotine doses which are high, medium, low and none. It is advisable to start off with the low nicotine dose and gradually progress if need be to enable your system to appropriately get used to the nicotine. It is advisable that first-timers avoid the high doses of nicotine because it might trigger lead to addiction.

5. Long and Slow puffs are the best
You will get the more vapor volume with these long and slow puffs hence a better experience. Short and hard puffs are advised against because they have been known to flood the atomizer, cause less vapor production and in some instances resulting to liquid in one’s mouth; a very unpleasant experience.

6. Keep atomizer coils always moist
Ensure that the atomizer coils are always moist for proper functionality. Using an e-cigarette containing a dry cartridge will lead to the destruction of the atomizer due to overheating. Don’t wait until the cartridge is completely dry, fill it up just before it runs dry.

There are many more tips and e-cigarette reviews that can be found in online, that every new e-cigarette user should consider if they intend to have that awesome electronic cigarette experience. For additional information about e cigarette see our advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarette.

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