Volcano Magma (T) Electronic Cigarette Review

Volcano’s Inferno e-cig has proved to be a very popular electronic cigarette for those who don’t want to carry a bottle of liquid and drip wherever they go, but also dislike the inconsistency of flavor cartridges. However, some people have chosen not to purchase the Inferno (T) because of its larger form factor; while the original Magma electronic cigarette resembles a traditional 100-length cigarette in size and shape,  the Inferno (T) is larger, like a small cigar. If you have held out on purchasing the Inferno (T) because of its size, the Magma (T) might be the answer for you.

The Magma (T) starter kit is priced at $74.99, the same as the Inferno (T) kit. It includes a large storage box, an M-Pack for charging on the go, one automatic battery and one manual, a box of five empty tanks, a Magma Tank-o-Mizer, everything that you need for charging and a bottle of liquid in the flavor and strength of your choosing.

The Magma Tank-o-Mizer is a closed system with a reservoir and a small nozzle at the top. You use it by filling a tank and inserting it in the Tank-o-Mizer. The nozzle of the Tank-o-Mizer goes into a small hole at the bottom of the tank. When you pull on the Magma (T), the vacuum produces a slow drip from the tank into the reservoir, keeping the Tank-o-Mizer supplied with liquid until the tank runs out.

The problem with cartridge-based electronic cigarettes is inconsistency; a standard cartridge like the one for the original Magma contains a fluffy material saturated with liquid. In theory, the material wicks the liquid down to the atomizer until it dries out. However, in practice, what actually tends to happen is that the material sometimes fails to wick the liquid down quickly enough, resulting in occasional vapor-less puffs and liquid that refuses to come down from the end of the cartridge.

My experience with the Inferno (T) shows that the Tank-o-Mizer resolves this issue. Using the Inferno (T), I found that the Tank-o-Mizer produced plenty of vapor with each puff and gave me problem-free operation until it was time to change or refill the tank. Based on that experience, I can definitely recommend the Magma (T) to anyone who decided against purchasing the Inferno (T) because of its size. If you prefer standard-resistance atomizers and would rather not carry a bottle around for dripping, the Magma (T) appears to be a great buy.

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