Pulsar 7 Pocket Vaporizer Review

Very nice professional packaging. Comes with extra mouthpieces, 2 types of battery chargers, 2 nice cleaning brushes and a cool specialized packing tool. Good value for your money.

The Pulsar 7 battery always charged in under the three-hour statement in the instructions.  The battery is a good size. It holds enough charge for a full day of vaporizing our favorite dry herbs.

We lost count of how many sessions on average because it just kept performing. Also, the number of people using the Pulsar 7 seemed to grow. Soon we realized we could have 3 people getting their lungs full per session.

The Pulsar 7 has a ceramic heating stand with a titanium coil. You can pack a small amount and it goes pretty far. This saves you money. The temperature of the heating coil is such not to combust your herb.

All the different draw styles used by people seemed to work fine. If you learn the right draw you can really stretch your stash.  We really tried to overwork the Pulsar 7 pocket vaporizer. The taste is always that of your herb.

Our review took the Pulsar 7 everywhere. It loves the great outdoors. It loves to be shared. It loves dry herb. It loves parties. After weeks of daily usage, the Pulsar 7 dry herb pocket vaporizer is still an outstanding performer. Great usability for the value.

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