Puff King Osiris Vaporizer Review

Our Puff King Osiris vaporizer review comes courtesy of unique people from Vape Advance where they always go to great lengths to see your vaporizing experience is a good one. The Osiris vaporizer arrives in a nicely designed box case. You get all the essentials to vaporize and stay clean. It comes assembled and ready to use. Designed for dry herbs the Osiris is durable enough to handle wax concentrates.

The battery in the Osiris vape is well engineered. We found the battery to charge up in just over an hour. What you get is a durable battery lasting well over 100 hits. Simply astounding how good this battery is. The triangle design is the design trick to keep it long lasting.

We just love the LCD battery level indicator. It also displays how many times you click the on button for your sessions. You receive a wonderful feeling knowing the durability of your vaporizer battery.

This means you can grab and go. You’ll know if it’s going to last for your next outing of fun. Or if you’re off to work this workhorse will be ready anytime the need arises during your day.

The Puff King Osiris vaporizer is designed with a ceramic heating chamber. The ceramic allows just the pure taste of your herb to come through. It also reduces the smell of the vapor.

Vapor is already low in smell but this goes even further to eliminate odor. The heating chamber is durable to handle constant cleaning with a brush. Be gentle cleaning right on the skillet to ensure longevity.

Party time is a wonderful experience with the Osiris. Durable enough to pass this vaporizer around and still come back to you ready to vape. Load it up and have some fun with friends and new acquaintances. We love the bigger than normal heating chamber for loading up our favorite wax.

Don’t be shy with the Osiris it can handle what you can vaporize. After a solid month of using the Osiris an average of 5 sessions a day this vaporizers works fantastic. The skillet still heats up entirely. The battery still charges in just over an hour.

The taste of our vapor is still clean and crisp. We still get well over 100 hits per battery charge. Whether we are on the go outside or sitting around the house our Puff King Osiris vaporizer is ready to be your durable friend.

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