Grenco G Pro Vaporizer Review

The Grenco G Pro Vaporizer review is courtesy of the fine people of Grenco Science. They help make vaporizing dry herb a wonderful experience. The G Pro was nicely delivered in a slender carrying case holding all the goodies.

Flip through the instructions to reveal the G Pro vaporizer has three oven temperature settings. This allows you to personalize the performance of your vaporizer.

Have fun trying out each setting to find your favorite temp. Another quick fact you may love is the oven stays on for a solid three minutes. Ready to pass around. No pressing buttons for every use.

The G Pro gives you the convection vaporization experience. The top snaps right off and snaps back on. Love that action. We found a slight packing of the dry herb enabled great convection vaporization.

Fitting a scant 1/8 of a gram of dry herb allowed for an average of 8 solid vapor hits. That’s with some pretty big party animals hauling away.

Your average grandparents would get an easy dozen hits delivered per bowl full. Utilize the supplied mouthpieces to further enjoy a longer vaporization experience with the G Pro.

People will never get away from vaporizing dry herb they love. Every time we venture outside with the G pro filled with dry herb someone asks us for a hit.What a wonderful world. “What’s this you’re using?” On goes the vaporizer conversation. A wonderful social ice breaker.

With dry herb comes cleaning your vaporizer. We love using 99% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning most any vaporizer part. Use a damp, not wet, q-tip around the heating core.The G pro always comes clean. Delivers the taste of your dry herb instantly.

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