Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Vaporizer Kit V3

The Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Kit V3 presents itself nicely in a quality book like case. It contains a well crafted inside foam protection system for all parts. A very sexy vaporizer systems allow you to enjoy dry herbs, oils and waxes.

The Double Agent Pen battery also fits the dry herb cartridge. The dry herb cartridge takes a little finesse to produce quality vapor every time. It works fast.

Hold the on button for a second or two, then take a quick one or two-second hit. That’s all it takes for fast blue vapor. The dry herb cartridge is great for an on the go lifestyle.

Ready for you when you decide the time is right. Easy to load, easy to clean. A good brush accompanies a fabulous dab tool with a fork end. We fell in love with the dab tool utilizing the fork end for easy dab transfer.

inside the Gentleman’s Brand dry herb cartridge.

I stayed diligent in cleaning all vaporizer parts every day. Cleaning any vaporizer makes a big difference in product longevity. You want to be able to count on your vaporizer to be there for you. The Gentleman’s Brand vaporizers deliver the quality.

All heating cartridges are accompanied with excellent mouthpieces. A high-quality gasket system makes it a dream to connect the mouthpiece to the cartridge. You can feel the craftsmanship in the action. Easy to clean parts.

Our long daily review process of pure usage reinforces the overall theme of quality, craftsmanship and usability. I tried to touch upon the hidden features of simply using the vaporizer kit.

All anyone really wants in a vaporizer is to use it every day. To this day the vapor delivery is clean and refreshing from all three cartridges. The Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Vaporizer Kit V43 is a true vaporizer kit for ladies and gentleman.

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