Grenco Science Gumball 3000 Vaporizer Review

Quality products signify the Grenco Science vaporization experience. The Gumball 3000 pen vaporizer arrived in a beautiful hard case kit. You can feel the value added quality when you touch the vaporizer parts and put them together. Everything fits like a charm. Designed for liquid oils. We found this vaporizer to perform like a workhorse.

Powerful describes the vapor delivered by the Gumball 3000 vaporizer. That was the number one experience we had with the month-long review process. This vaporizer can supply any set of lungs with the required vapor for that individual.

We held the Gumball 3000 to exclusive charcoal pressed honey oil. Our trick was to barely heat up a dab tool. Grab some honey oil and let it slowly drip onto the wick and inside the filler tube.

Worked like a charm for our oily substance. The Gumball 3000 delivered more hits than expected. The wick system delivered our oil to the heating core perfectly.

Gumball 3000’s battery has held its charge admirably for the constant days of review. Our average wait time for charging the battery was one hour.

We’d get hundreds of puffs before battery exhaustion. Long life equals longer party time. The mouthpiece comes attached to the body of the atomizer cover. We always received a cool hit no matter how many consecutive sessions.

The hard carrying case enables the Gumball to hang around all the time. Makes for a solid vaporizer for the working person who needs performance at every break.

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