Blaze Life Vaporizer Review

The vaporizer comes in a well-designed art deco case covered in a flaming guitar. The flames also appear on the vaporizer. Looks as good as a fine a tattoo. Something about flames leaves 420 people feeling warm and buzzie.

The overall feel of the vaporizer is slim and sexy. Instructions are quick to follow. The slim style battery charges in about an hour. Comes with USB and wall charger capability.

The charge itself would last a solid 3 days of our continuous usage. Feel good knowing your battery is going to last. You’ll feel even better when you see the battery LCD level indicator. Knowing when you need to charge is a superb value.

The unit comes with three atomizers. Immediately makes the brain think “all in one”. The atomizers are well engineered. They are temperature adjustable. All handled our month long pounding.

We love the oil atomizer. We did not use E-liquid. We used some of the excellent hash oil made by our experienced friends. This particular way of using this atomizer leads to numerous vaporizing sessions before you have to refill. People can share.

The wax atomizer worked to a charm. Fast with clean vapor every time. The dab tool you get with the kit has a good shape for applying dabs. The dry herb atomizer is great for personal consumption. Comes with an extra dry herb steel filter to prevent combustion.

Perfect for the working person who needs a quick hit at break and lunch times. Simply be diligent cleaning with the supplied brush and these atomizers will be there for you. Best for taste and performance.

The Blaze Life vaporizer is fantastic for party time. Friends and new acquaintances love the blaze look. The LCD hit counter display can be amazing.

Did we really do over 100 hits in 3 days? Yes we did. When you’re at a big party or get together it’s nice to know how many times the pen got used because you sure can loose yourself when the good times roll (er vape).

This artsy style fits right into the 420 scene. Makes a person feel good when you pull it out and their eyes glue to it. Looks like bling sticking out of a pocket.

Everyone wants a hit. Don’t be afraid to pass it around. Blaze Life will have the entire party feeling good. Feel even better, when you order a Blaze Life you get a free gift and a one year warranty.

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