Vape Vet Apex Vaporizer Review

Battery seems to permeate the vaporizer world forums these days. The battery in the Vape Vet Apex is superb. Charging time was always 1 hour on average. How long the battery lasts really can’t be quantified.

We sometimes have 3 to 5 people hauling away. The amount placed inside always varies from 1/2 to a full bowl. Our experience found the battery would last “our day” of vaporizing and into the next.

An average day for the review is a 10-minute session for brunch, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, supper, and at least 5 sessions at night. Then the weekend produces double those figures. Simply stated the battery is excellent.

Our experience was to love the Apex at 420 degrees. With the supplied mouthpiece extension there was no heat issue. Every hit is smooth, clean and blue. We tried all three temperature settings.

The Apex can deliver for everyone. The trick is the draw weight created by your breath. It runs the heat over and through the dry herb. The slower the better. Learning a nice steady draw weight produces any amount of vapor you can handle.

We found the versatility of choosing between three mouthpiece styles also assists in finding your favorite draw weight.


Our vaporizer session with the Apex averages 1/2 gram of dry weed. This 1/2 gram produces an average of 12 good lung fulls each for 3 vape heads.

During the session, the vapor comes on like a creeper buzz from good weed. It just gets thicker and better as time goes on. Excellent vaporizing performance. Versatile enough to save your money, time and health.

A few little performance details include the 60 to 90-second heat up time for any of the 3 temperature settings. Mixing the dry herb during a session is not really needed as vaporization rate is excellent.

Love the super easy to clean oven chamber. The screen at the mouthpiece to trap sediment is a great feature. No exposed heating elements produce pure vaporization.

The flip top opens quickly with the push of a thumb making for easy loading. Takes a daily pounding and comes back to perform over and over. A true portable vaporizer to carry with you at all times.

After one month of everyday use, we see why there is a good one year warranty. The Vape Vet Apex became a favorite portable dry herb vaporizer.

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