TVape 2.0 True Vaporizer Review

Comes in a beautiful professionally developed product box. Don’t be surprised by what you see. Everything fits together nicely. There are two batteries sized a 900MAh and a 2200mAh.

They each charged up in about an hour using the wall mount charger. Comes with cool battery extender tubes. The battery lengths customize to personal preferences.

Having two batteries means extra long battery life. The larger battery gives you the power for a good intense experience. Customized heat control is achieved by holding the power button down for 20 to 30 seconds while its LED is green for increased heat to the oven.

This new version of the TVape vaporizer customizes to any lung capacity or inhalation texture you love to feel. The vaporization is superb. It was found a light packing of the dry herb in the oven makes for increased vapor and longer turnover.


Add the custom heat control to achieve full overall customization to fit your personal lung capacity. We had 4 very different sized vape heads attack this vaporizer one night.

Everyone was happy. Nice big clouds of blue vapor permeate the air. Flavor is that of the weed. After consecutive vaporizations, the best thing to do is change ovens to keep the session going.

Yes, change ovens. The TVape 2.0 comes with a small oven and a large oven. We ran out each battery during the sessions. The vape heads were satisfied. The TVape 2.0 is a true vaporizer, combustion free. What a wicked nice dry leaf vaporizer.

Just for a cool experiment we placed a rolled joint into the large oven. Fits perfectly. The unique feature of the TVape 2.0, like it’s predecessor, the joint will not combust. The dry herb inside the paper will vaporize leaving the rolling paper alone.

We took the TVape 2.0 True Vaporizer out to a huge farmer’s market. Our vaporization sessions while strolling through crowds went undetected to the naked mind. It’s nice to be able to stroll outside and vaporize your dry herbs peacefully.

Cleaning the oven chamber is a breeze with the supplied brush and plunger. It still performs like new after using the TVape 2.0 True Vaporizer every day for a solid month. The oven temperature stays consistent.  This vaporizer survived all the vape heads we could vaporize with.

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