Atmos R2 Extract Vaporizer Review

Packaging is superb. When you first take the Atmos R2 out of the box you’ll feel the superior craftsmanship in your hands. Nice weight, excellent size to fit in any pocket, purse or vaporizer carrying kit. It’s ready for your personal stash spaces.

Right off the bat, I’ll let you know this pen vaporizer was kept exclusive to our favorite hash oil (pictured above) and our favorite homemade ice hash (pictured below) namely the size 90 micron Burmese THC glands.

The Atmos R2 is ready for every amount we could put in “her”. Battery life is fantastic. Get ready for an average of 10 sessions before re-charging. Each session consists of a good drop of oil or a good sized ball of ice hash off of a dab tool.

Then passing it around between people for the session, therefore, being turned on and off countless times. The Atmos R2 extract vaporizer was ready for our personal or party vaporizing experiences.

Loading the vaporizer is so easy. Drop away with your favorite dab tool. She’s ready for the big ones. Wow does this vaporizer deliver good clean thick blue vapor? Excellent to find a vaporizer you don’t have to finesse with your draw weight.

Give her the best you can. Careful, most people want to feel that old fashioned joint smoking harsh feeling in their lungs. This vaporizer will deliver a smooth clean vapor that is larger in volume than it feels. Just the way we like it.

The Atmos R2 is one of the extract vaporizers that will deliver any sized vapor hit you want to handle.

We find wax and oil dab resin builds faster than dry herb resin. Screw the heating chamber on lightly, don’t tighten too much. When the resin build up cools down it can make it stiff to twist open the heating chamber.

A simple cleaning really helps. Be sure to take the mouthpiece apart, it has screens to keep clean.  Be gentle around the heating skillet. The new anodized heating chamber gets clean fast.

After a solid month of pounding on this favorite of extract vaporizers, we’re happy people. I’d easily say hundreds of dabs.

The vaporizer is easy to load, easy to operate, easy to clean and ready to go again and again. Highly recommended for marijuana extract lovers. The Atmos R2 extract vaporizer is ready to deliver your medicine the way you like it.

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