Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Review

Storz and Bickel made their Digital Volcano vaporizer with quality and performance in mind, at all times.Right from the bottom with neoprene type legs all the way to the top with a state of the art herb chamber bowl, this beautiful herb vaporizer oozes that high end feeling.

Packaging is beautiful. Instructions are easy to understand. Plug in the Digital Volcano vaporizer, push the red switch. The unit is very quiet on heat up. Set your operating temperature with the green arrow buttons.

Once you see matching temperature readouts, place your weed chamber on top of the unit to warm up for 2 minutes. This little bit of warming your herb seemed to help reach a good thick blue vapor right away.Snap on your balloon attachment, easy valve or solid valve, we ran both and enjoy both.

The fan is set to one perfect speed to vaporize your herb at a proper rate. People love the full bag sound effect the easy valve balloon makes when reaching its full point.

Everyone loves the short and sweet action on the mouthpieces of both the easy valve and solid valve balloon systems. The balloon material seems to resist sticking after repeated heavy use.

What a lovely smooth clean blue vapor produced at 374°F. At that temperature, we achieve an incredible 10 easy valve balloon full out of 1/2 gram of dry herb (3/4 bowl chamber) when complete exhaustion finally occurred. 420 people love the big digital display. When you turn the machine off the temperature display will let you know the unit is stull hot.

You’ll always get a great blue vapor the first time, the next time and feel confident in tomorrow. This particular digital volcano took an everyday party pounding for one entire month. This is definitely a 420 party animal.

Make the balloons as big as you want, we’ve seen ten footers. You can use the vaporizer as many times in a row as you can. Worth every penny. Accessories and parts can be purchased in every head shop and online store. The Storz and Bickel Digital Volcano is a wise investment.

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