Tao Discreet Vaporizer Review

The TAO Discreet vaporizer is engineered to handle dry herbs, wax and oil extracts. Superb packaging supplies you with two atomizers for dry herb and wax extracts, another atomizer for thin oils, good brush, nice dab tool, wall + USB charging, extract container, easy instructions and long slim discreet battery.

The battery charges up in about an hour (after the initial 4-hour break in charge). Everything you need comes with the Tao. We love the discreet look allowing vaporization to occur anywhere you wish. A cool place to vaporize was right inside a mall, we’re not smoking we’re vaporizing which was permitted in the mall, because of vape stores located within, doing the same thing.

The dry herb chamber holds a small amount just right for the personal hitter. Great for that long walk along the beach, hike in the woods or enjoying outdoor concerts. You can get at least three good hits per chamber. We used the other chamber to vaporize some wax.

There is a small screen in the bottom of the chamber to help deliver the wax to the atomizer in a direct way. Wax works great in the Tao Discreet, our favorite type of weed extract to enjoy. Thin oils can last you a very long time.

Whatever type of medicine you use the Tao is easy to load. The battery gave us an average of over ten fill ups for dry herbs and waxes. The thin oil chamber had the battery lasting all day long.

We love to load up all three chambers and head out into the wild blue world for hours on end. Make sure you bring some munchies. Cleaning the Tao is a super-fast, small screen can be popped out, cleaned and returned to place very easily.

The Tao Discreet vaporizer is so slim it hides in almost any pocket or purse. We found when we pulled it out to vaporize in public situations, we were left totally alone, no one bothered us, except for one couple who knew and asked us for a hit.

If you love to be discreet, the Tao is a fabulous all-purpose vaporizer. After a solid month of everyday use, the Tao Discreet vaporizer engineered for dry herbs, waxes and oils works superbly.

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