Grenco microG Pen Vaporizer Review

Our Grenco microG pen vaporizer review is courtesy of Grenco Science where you’ll find elite communication combined with thorough customer service. The people at Grenco Science help make vaporizing a wonderful experience.

Our microG was presented in a nice kit. The kit contains both dry herb and wax atomizers. The well engineered hard case kit fits any pocket or purse. The “little guy” can be there for all your herbal needs. Don’t let the size of the microG make you think any differently. The performance is huge.

The battery charged up in about an hour. Our experience with the battery during everyday use for one month was astounding. Session after session the microG battery was good to go. Must have been our style of use at work, as the battery would last into the next day. We would lose ourselves trying to count an accurate amount of sessions per charge.

Add superior coil heating systems to keep up with the long battery life. The dry herb tank looks like an oven heating coil, round in shape. The wax heating tank has a titanium coil wrapped around ceramic for the heat source. Both are great for concentrates.

We tried some ice hash in the dry herb heating tank. It melted and vaporized quite well. Both tanks hold a good amount. The tanks stand taller than most atomizers enabling more space to fill with your favorite kind. Tank thread action remains excellent after a month of changing between the two tanks.

In our travels with the Grenco microG pen vaporizer, we noticed a good number of people who owned this superior style of pen vaporizer. The small nature and huge performance get the job done consistently. Vapor delivery is thick and delicious.

Definitely more than one person can enjoy this vaporizer at the same time. Fill up your microG to fill up any sized set up lungs. You can feather your draw weight for control or let it fly and haul away. Watch out for the little guy.

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