Puff King Micro Puff Vaporizer Review

The Puff King Micro Puff vaporizer review is courtesy of the fine folks at Vape Advance. They help make any vaporizer experience very pleasurable. Ask any question at any time, Vape Advance has your back. You could call this a vaporizer kit.

You’ll get 2 Micro Puff portable concentrate vaporizers along with a beautiful dab tool. The kit also contains a wall charger, USB charger, and dab container for holding your supplies.

Getting two vaporizes means one will always have your back when the other needs tender loving care. Lastly, you receive a nice necklace for carrying the vaporizers around. Gives you the option of using your own bling to carry your vaporizer around. It’s small enough to be a neck charm.

The theme of this Micro Puff portable concentrate vaporizer review is “I’ve got your back”.

The Micro Puff battery is superb. Usually, takes an hour to recharge. Can last a super long time. All day for our type of continuous vaporizing. It’s nice to know the battery will sustain itself for a solid night of having a good time. Halloween night we found ourselves outside until sun up.

Our Micro Puff was still rocking. Didn’t have to pull out the second one. Nice to know it was there for back up. The wicked idea to have 2 vaporizers in this kit. Could call the Micro Puff package his and her vaporizer kit.

Love the unique feature of safety when you go to load up the Micro Puff. You have to twist off the atomizer top in order to load the machine. In a way, the Micro Puff has your back. The unit will not turn on while the top is removed and you’re loading it up.

Not until you replace the top will the unit fire back up. Actual loading it up is easy than most. The loading chamber is super close when the top is removed. The dab tool does not have to go far. Makes it easy to get your concentrate off the dab tool and onto the vaporizer atomizer.

Performance is fantastic. The atomizers have lasted a solid month of everyday use. We made sure we used both units every day. Talk about a quick two-second hit. The Micro Puff can fill any sized lungs in mere seconds. We’re constantly telling people to be aware. Nope, they get a full blast every time.

We’ve learned to “feather our toke” so our lungs last longer. There are those people we encounter who love that full toke. We fell in love with these two Micro Puff portable concentrate vaporizers.

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