PUFFit X Vaporizer Review

The theme of this PUFFiT X vaporizer review is “innovation”. This vaporizer is the world’s first handheld forced air vaporizer giving you fast efficient convection vaporization.

We love the way the package for easy removal so you can get to your vaporizer quickly. There’s a hard carrying case with all the accessories you’ll need to keep vaping for a very long time.

Instructions are easy to follow. Fits in your hand comfortably. Turning on the unit is as easy as removing the protective mouthpiece cover and clicking on the top chamber to engage the heating operation.

When the green light turns on you’re ready to start vaping. You can use the traditional method of your own draw power or you can hold down the top herb chamber and engage the fan which will get you automatically vaporizing.

What a wonderfully innovative idea. The fan can deliver a constant vapor stream which feels different as you don’t have to inhale very hard to achieve your level of pleasure. The amount of dry herb the top herb chamber holds is a scant 1/4 gram.

The vape doesn’t mind being full, use the innovative easy fill funnel. When we vaporize exclusively with the fan, we achieve at least 12 complete lung fulls per green light session for an average sized person.

The vapor delivery has that light blue color everyone is looking for. The vaporizer does not get hot to the touch even after repeated bowl fulls.

Love that fan for keeping the session on an even keel. Fan speed control and heating temperature controls is a fine innovative feature allowing you to adjust the performance for your personal pleasures.

We love how discrete this vaporize is in a crowd. We’ve used this vaporizer in malls, movies and concerts. The PUFFiT X, everyone thinks it’s for therapeutic use, gets no extra attention.

The company certainly lives up to their name. An innovative idea is the packaged cleaning wipes to aid in fast cleanup. Cleaning the PUFFiT X vaporizer is super easy, not much to do, simply brush and wipe the chamber clean.

Use the wipes to keep the mouthpiece free of any lip gloss. After a few weeks soak the mouthpiece in the cleaning solution to preserve freshness. After one month of everyday use, the PUFFiT X vaporizer performs great and is ready for more. The fan draw weight has stayed the same.

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