Pinnacle Vaporizer Review

I am always looking for good vapes. VaporBLUNT just released one this spring of 2013, too. I just had to do a Pinnacle vaporizer review.

I like that it is a one-button, simple-operational device. It is sleek and highly portable and easy to use. Before we get into the review, lets look at what you get when buying this vape.

How is it constructed?

The Pinnacle Vaporizer gives the Pax a run for its money. Pax has been the leader in extreme vaporizing portability, and the Pinnacle more than compares.

At only 5” x 1” and a smooth and easily pocket-able design, the Pinnacle is perfect to pack in your pocket.

Designed with clean lines and a smooth shape, this vaporizer will please those of you who expect handsome pieces as well as functionality.

It is made from durable high impact plastic, it is also sturdy and economical.

The Pinnacle has only one operational button that allows it users to toggle between two preset temperature settings (370° F and 390° F).

While some other vaporizers come with many buttons and lights, this single-button feature gives the Pinnacle a short learning curve.

Pinnacle Vape features and benefits

It takes three hours to change the unit fully and lasts for approximately one hour of continuous vaping.

Included is a 5V AC/DC power adapter and charging stand.

It also features a ten-minute automatic shut-off, meaning that after ten minutes of continuous heat, your Pinnacle will shut down to help preserve its battery.

The Pinnacle comes with a Scientific Glass Hydro Tube attachment, which will allow for an added level of water filtration to keep your vapor cool and fresh.

Please note: the Hydro Tube only comes with the deluxe version. The Pinnacle is exceptional for your dry blends, and the added Hydro Tube is a great compliment to this unit.

This discreetly sized unit heats up to its first heat setting in about 60 70 seconds, and its second heat setting in about 90 seconds.

The Pinnacle’s Lithium Ion rechargeable battery powers its ceramic built heating element. This battery will deliver plenty of power and life, and even comes with its own 90-day warranty.

Loading and getting the Pinnacle ready is an easy operation, using one of the two bullets that come with the vaporizer at the time of purchase.

These bullets remind one of (can you guess?) bullet shell casings. And, once it is loaded, they click simply into the bowl (the User Manual will specifically lay out how to operate this).

The bullet wedges itself directly between the mouthpiece and the heater. This means the vapor path is short and therefore uncontaminated.

Please note, if the mouthpiece begins to get heated, it might be time to stop inhaling.

Pros and cons of the Pinnacle vaporizer

  • Handheld and portable

The Pinnacle is a new vaporizer and is also much needed in the way of portable options.

Many critics are ready to compare it to the Pax, which offers users some of the best and discreet portability due to its unassuming looks and small size.

Many users can use this in the dorm, at events, festivals, or wherever the urge to vape seizes them.

  • Simple to use

Where critics are specifically reveling in the Pinnacle, over some of the other vaporizing options, is its simplicity in both use and maintenance. The bullet feature allows for extremely easy packing.

One user said, “ I have yet to come across an easier vaporizer to use because this one has little to no learning curve.”

  • Easy to clean

regarding maintenance, the Pinnacle’s early adopters also love how easy cleaning this unit is.

While some of its competitors require some decently extensive cleaning, the Pinnacle is maintained by simply cleaning the filling canisters and mouthpiece.

This process takes merely a few minutes, making the Pinnacle one of the easiest portable vaporizers to clean.

A limiting factor of this vaporizer, according to some of the same critics, is the Pinnacle temperature settings.

  • Temperature issues

The Pinnacle’s heating unit does not get above 400°F, and has only two heat settings.

Some of the other electronic, portable vaporizers have a least three, and some as many as half a dozen.

Also, for people who like higher temperature vapor and more actives in their vapor will be left slightly disappointed.

It is worth noting, some of the more novice vaporizer users are happy with just the two settings as they are more direct and easier to get user to, rather than having to deal with seven or so temperature settings.

The two temperature settings work “perfectly” for many of these reviewers.

  • Melting mouthpieces

Another thing to be aware of, that some reviewers have experienced, is the plastic mouthpiece overheating.

A handful of reviewers have reported the mouthpiece melting (particularly the flavored one).

Because this is a newly manufactured vaporizer, VaporBLUNT (its manufacturer) has exceptional customer service in replacing this mouthpiece if this were to happen.

However, as mentioned before, be cautious of the mouthpiece getting hot, and pull away from the vaporizer when you feel it getting warm.

Perhaps VaporBLUNT will be working swiftly on upgrading this design or use different materials, but users should be fine if they fully follow the Pinnacle instruction manual.


All in all, the Pinnacle is a fantastic addition to the portable vaporizing world.

I hope this Pinnacle vaporizer review has been helpful to you.


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